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Microsoft DynamicsYou want to focus on your business-not your business solution. Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Microsoft Navision) allows you to do just that. Integrate critical financial, operations, customer, distribution, and e-commerce data into a streamlined, comprehensive solution to increase productivity.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be rapidly implemented and provides an easy-to-use business solution, one you can customize and maintain with minimal disruption as your business grows. Here are four ways Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help free you to grow your business:



Increase Productivity……Streamline processes and maximize operational efficiency
Provide your people, suppliers, and partners with concurrent online access to up-to-date information, helping them bring projects in on time and within budget. By simplifying processes and integrating operations and financials, you help free your people to meet their goals and drive your business.


Focus on Growth……Adapt to change without disrupting your organization
Surepath Solutions can help you implement and adapt your business solution every step of the way. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is adaptable and geared for growing businesses, so you can start with what you need now and upgrade easily and affordably as you grow.


Improve Collaboration…..Connect your people, customers, and partners
Empower your people by giving them the information they need to make smart decisions. By connecting information and processes, and providing RoleTailored access to information, you help increase the collaboration that fosters innovation. And multiple language and currency options allow you to conduct business globally, with minimal barriers.


Sharpen your Competitive Edge……Give your people the information they need to drive your business
Analyze data from all angles to understand business trends, opportunities, and problems more fully. Provide up-to-date, 24-hour online access to processes and information so your people, suppliers, and partners can conduct business as usual—whenever they want to, no matter what time zones they’re in. By increasing access to information for your people and customers, you build the kind of satisfaction that keeps customers coming back


Microsoft Dynamics NAV can free your people to spend less time on technology and more on business goals.  Please contact us for more information.

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To supplement your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution, we recommend an extremely capable reporting tool that works right within an application you are likely very familiar with already – Microsoft Excel!

You have all your critical information in your integrated Dynamics NAV application and with Jet Reports you will have access to all of it at your fingertips, right within Excel.  Access any table and any field real time at the push of a button.

You can design, report, automatically generate, and publish your reports as Excel spreadsheets, Web pages or PDF files, as you desire.  You also have complete drill down ability to gain access to your data in Dynamics NAV right from the corresponding cell in Excel.  Design them once and run them often, capturing only the data that is important to you.  The 25 pre-built reports addressing the needs of accountants, finance people and business managers gets you on your way immediately.

The power of Jet Reports can provide a very quick return on your investment.   Please contact us for more information.


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