Surepath Solutions Calgary Alberta

From business process review and implementation to customization, ongoing training and support we help ensure you realize the full potential of your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution.

All businesses are unique.  That’s why we take the time to ensure we understand and know your business.  Our consulting services are comprised of many inter-related areas from Business Process Review and Project Management to Planning and Change Management.

  • The extent to which we may review your business processes will depend on your current environment and your future goals. 
  • Effective Project Management is key to a successful implementation and we have the experience to help your team guide the project through to completion.
  • Every project must have a plan and that requires an understanding of the requirements in order to set expectations. 
  • A new system can mean significant changes for an organization and everyone deals with change differently.  We can assist in helping your organization manage that change and mitigate risk.

Surepath utilizes Microsoft Dynamics NAV Sure Step Methodology to get you up and running quickly and smoothly.   From the start of the project, you will be involved in defining the scope of the implementation, with a clear course of action, defined responsibilities, and phased stages that can be completed independently to limit disruption.

This standardized implementation methodology ensures a well planned and executed implementation that minimizes risk.

Surepath offers several forms of training, whether it is part of the implementation project where we train the project team and end users or ongoing training such as new features and report writing or perhaps for a new employee.  Training is done on a one-on-one basis or in a classroom setting.

Dynamics NAV is a flexible solution that can be customized to meet your particular business requirements.  We have experienced, certified developers who can provide cost effective modifications or customizations in virtually any area of the application.

Through our implementation process we strive to facilitate our clients in taking ownership of their new system and reduce reliance on us.  Once a project is complete there is usually some degree of support required and we are always readily available to assist.  We utilize a very reliable remote access solution that allows us to be responsive and efficient in assisting you with any support or training need and if required we are also able to come onsite at your request.


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