DDoS attacks 101

Everything you need to know about protecting your website

What is a ddos attack ?

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack occurs when an attacker bombards a target with so much traffic that it can no longer function correctly. It’s used primarily by individuals and organizations as an alternative to cyber warfare, when they want to cause damage or disruption but don’t have the resources of a government behind them. If you’re worried that your website might be vulnerable to this type of attack, here are some facts about DDoS attacks you need to know in order to protect your website from DDoS attacks.

How do DDoS attacks work?

A DDoS attack is an attempt to overload a server or system with requests...

Who is at risk of being attacked by a DDoS attack?

A DDoS attack is an attempt to make a server or service unavailable ...

How can I protect my website from DDoS attacks?

The best way to protect your website from DDoS attacks is by securing...


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